The cave of White Stone

Dated between 140-100 million years ago the cave of aspri petra can be found atop mount Zini in Kefalos, at an altitude of 257 meters, in the southwestern part of the island. The area was excavated by Alessandro Della Seta, director of the Italian archeological school of Athens and the archeologist Doro Levi in 1922. The cave is composed of layers of solid and dry rock which enabled its continuous use, initially as a place of residence and later as a place of worship.

Human fossils and multiple ceramic urns of bowlike-sagittal handles decorated with varying figures and of various sizes were prominent among the findings, with weaponry being very rare. Few blades and sharp cores made of obsidian, from Yali, an Island near Nisiros. The remnants of the nutriments speak of a people dedicated to pastoral life. Of note was the presence of holes filled with egg shaped milestones.

The cave is one of the oldest monuments of the island.

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